Digging wells

Water is essential for survival. However, to billions of people around the world water itself can bring disease and death. Over 25% of humanity is subjected daily to drinking polluted or unsanitary water!

By drilling wells to uncontaminated water sources, fresh water is available to the men, women and children of the entire village. At each church and children's home we drill a fresh water well. Just one thousand dollars can drill a well for an entire village in India and eighty five hundred for Uganda.

"Almost half of Indians, don't have access to clean, safe, reliable water. Almost half of Indians don't have access to clean, safe, reliable water-540 million people in just a single country. One in 6 Indians relies on water that has to be carried home by foot, a time consuming chore almost always handled by women and girls. When you tote that 24 pack of half liter water bottles home from the super market next time, try balancing it on your head, like many Indians do. That's 26 lbs of water, just 3 gallons enough for one US toilet flush."

"Fact. India spends 2% of its GAP treating diarrhea, according to Teri, one of the countries most prestigious scientific research institutes. That means India is spending 30 billion dollars a year treating diarreah, a totally preventable disease. That's 400 million a week! In the US, Canada, and Europe, we don't worry much about diarrhea. The diarrhea is a plague in much of the developing world... deadly and costly." (Adapted from-the big thread article)